You know the term “friend-zoned” that men always use when girls aren’t into them? Well, I am kind of sick of it always being the girls’ fault. Men are just as guilty for doing things like this; except for them, they usually girlfriend-zone women.

The term girlfriend-zoned is referred to the act of men putting women in either two categories: girlfriend, or nothing. I take offense to this. I just recently got girlfriend-zoned. The guy I was talking to freaked out and completely cut me out of his life (the whole 9-yards: he deleted me off Facebook AND Twitter. Mature, right?) and didn’t even give me the chance to just be his friend. Which I would have been happy with–we were only casually dating, and I just really enjoyed the conversation, if nothing else. So why did he have to either put me in the categories of ALL or NOTHING. I’m not even upset we’re not dating; I am just bummed about the loss of a friend, because I felt we could talk about anything at ease. It is the most difficult thing to have to let go of such a connection–we really clicked. I’m fortunate to have seen his true colors come out within a month, and not years, but, at the same time, I can’t help but wonder why it had to happen like this. Has anyone else been girlfriend-zoned?


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